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Food and beverages industry

The food and beverages industry is increasingly discovering multimillion dollar opportunities in growth markets in Asia Pacific and Latin America. While mature markets are exhibiting a shift toward natural and organically-sourced food, a demand for processed and ready-to-eat foods is now taking shape in emerging economies. Consumers, on their part, are moving away from partially hydrogenated oils, GMO food, and are looking for natural alternatives to artificial flavors and colors. 

Manufacturers in the food and beverages industry typically operate on low profit margins and high volume sales are thus an imperative to profitability. This is where the role of densely-populated emerging economies such as India, Brazil, Russia, and China comes into play. Low profit margins continue to remain a challenge for companies in the food and beverages industry but a tightening regulatory environment will also compel companies to realign their operations to some extent. The food and beverages industry is also increasingly feeling the need to be more responsive to food security concerns. 

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